Government agencies, owners, designers and contractors are increasingly looking to Certified Professional Estimators (CPE’s) for reliable cost estimates that are the key to success in this competitive arena. ASPE certification has been judged to be timely and beneficial by several international construction publications.

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One of the principals of ASPE is to promote education in the field of construction estimating. To this end, the ASPE National Board rewrote the national by-laws in 1976 to encompass the Certification program. Since 1976, ASPE has offered a program to "certify" construction estimators.

In general, ASPE certification may be defined as an educational process, which entails the following: attending a mandatory workshop; submission of a technical paper on a topic in the estimator's area of expertise; successful completion of an examination on the applicant's knowledge of general estimating practices; and either successful completion of another examination on the applicant's knowledge of estimating practices in his/her specific area of expertise or submission of questions and problems.

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